Solution walkthrough not showing after mistakes


First of all, thanks for making this course available online! I’ve been following it for the past two weeks and am really enjoying it.
One thing I noticed is that during practice problems, if I get it wrong and the message comes up saying ‘You may continue to attempt the practice problem, or watch the solution walkthrough below’ the solution walkthrough doesn’t show.
Sometimes when I refresh the page it does show, sometimes it does’t.

When I get the code right and passed without triggering the ‘You may continue to attempt’ block, the solution walkthrough always shows without problem.

Could you please check what could be going on? Thanks in advance!

Can you give an example of a practice problem? It is possible not all problems have solution walkthroughs.

Sure! Today I was working on chapter 11, on the practice problem ‘overload multiply’. I got it wrong until I triggered the ‘You may continue to attempt the practice problem, or watch the solution walkthrough below.’ message. The solution walkthrough didn’t appear then and I tried a few more times until I got it right. When I refreshed the page after getting it right, the solution walkthrough showed without issue.

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Weird, thanks for the bug report! I’ll put this on my list of things to investigate.

Hi, I’m running into the same issue, but it’s for any problem I attempt a bunch of times without getting the correct solution. The walkthrough only appears if I answer it correctly. A couple times, after my attempts, the walkthrough briefly flashed on the screen and immediately disappeared. So currently, I can only see the walkthroughs if I know how to solve the problems :confused:

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Sorry! I’ll look into this.

I think that this is fixed. It was actually kind of a dumb off-by-one error that was causing the walkthroughs not to display initially.

If you continue to notice this behavior, please let me know!